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Contact person:Human resources department


Regional sales

Job responsibilities

1, undertake department sales task and complete, understand customer demand, looking for sales opportunities, product sales, complete the sales target;

2. Be responsible for channel development, establishment, support and management of the areas under their jurisdiction;

3, develop new customers, expand the business with the old customers, establish and maintain customer files;

4 collect and analyze market data and feed back the latest information regularly;

5, assist the sales office to establish and perfect the corresponding regional distributors and agents company data base;

6, establish and improve the company's dealers and agents data information library;

Job requirements:

1, work experience: sales experience is preferred;

2 、 good team work spirit;

3 、 adapt to nationwide travel (15-20 days / month).

4. Experience in building materials, flooring, FMCG industry is preferred

In 5, the annual salary of 8-10 million, is not capped, lucrative, five insurance, subsidies and holidays

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