The “Tree”of Haokang Enterpise Culture

 Haokang brand consist of Enterprise and Staff .The Enterpise Culture is the premise of cooperation of Enterprise and Staff
Haokang Enterpise Culture use shape of “tree” means idea in heart of enterprise and staff, use heart for soil, the goals of development personal and Enterpise is common development goals
Constitution make the country strong, Culture make the Enterpise strong. Only stong trees could guarantee the health of idea
The “tree” of Haokang Enterpise Culture is Haokang person describe exterior enviroment and the core competitiveness ,activity of team and personal development


The mission of Haokang team

Become the service supplier
f surface material

The sharing mechanism of Haokang team

Fighter is basic condition

establish a commen idea team

The world outlook of Haokang team

Work make great efforts、live make great efforts
ove work、love life

The soul of Haokang team


The 4 item of Haokang Enterpise culture

The Enterpise development must be have wolf nature

The loving care staff must be have human nature

executive ability is the precondition of do things well

Learning ability is the precondition of Enterpise development and staff development

The idea of Haokang team

Quanlity 、 Brand 、Service